Good manners are not always shown in today’s world among adults or children...on the highways, in the office, on TV, at ballgames and in the schools. People have blamed parents for not instilling courtesy in their children and popular culture for encouraging rude behavior.

How does Good Manners equal success?  What is success? Children learn respect, develop self-esteem & self-confidence when they learn Good Manners.  They will have better relationships with their parents and their peers, which equals SUCCESS in all areas of their life! ​​

Good Manners Equals Success


Is designed to bring Good Values, Good Manners,
Positive Feelings and Fun into YOUR home

What are Good Manners?  Good Manners are the combination of words and actions.  Positive Words spoken and acted out.   It is an important skill to teach and grow in your children.  We have developed a Scrapbook kit to help you toward this goal – designed for ages 2 to 5.  It is fun and easy to use.  Take pictures of your children and their friends that match up with the “12 Good Manners and Values” themed pages.  Then the fun begins as you personalize your book with your own pictures to make each manner come to life.  Please click on the Scrapbook Kit link (to the left) to buy your Good Manners For Life Scrapbook kit today and Thank You for visiting our site! We hope you will follow along with us as we continually post articles and resources to help you develop Good Manner Skills into your kids!​​